Top Picks for December

The world of antiques has never been more exciting. Even though we are living in modern times that are surrounded by technology and the virtual world, we still crave those items from the past that help to decorate and add personality to our homes. Antiques can help to add a focal point to any room, be a decorative item that helps to transform your living space, or they can simply be that statement piece that you love and admire. If you love buying antiques and want to add decorative items with that wow factor to your home, then here we share with you our four top picks for this month.

1. 19th century French clock with cherubs

Every home needs a clock and this decorative gilded Ormolu clock will make a welcome addition to any living room. Place it on the mantelpiece as a decorative statement piece.

The French word ‘Ormolu’, means ground gold that is then finely applied to the bronze clock. This gives the clock its smooth and majestic appearance. Standing at 23cm in height, the clock is decorated with two playful cherubs who are sitting on the top. The large and clear clock face is in good condition with no blemishes or scratches. Beautiful beaded detailing surrounds the clock face and if you look closely, other details can be found, such as two ram heads.

This gilded ormolu clock can be found here.

2. 19th century yellow Cloissone lamp

The Cloissone lamp will help to make your living room, dining room, or even bedroom that restful and relaxing space with its yellow colouring and gentle curves.

This decorative yellow Cloissone lamp dates back to the 19th century. Cloisone is the term used for highly decorative artwork that consists of metals, such as gold and copper that have been soldered onto the surface of the lamp. Intricate detailing, such as Ormolu mounts, can also be seen on the lamp. Measuring 39cm high, this yellow lamp offers something a little different with its bold use of patterns that catches the eye.

You can find the Cloissone lamp here.

3. Pair of 19th-century bronze cherubs

There is something quite magical and captivating about cherubs. Usually we see them in a restful state or being mischievous, but this pair of cherubs offer something a little different to any collection because they have been hunting.

This pair of cherubs are made from good quality bronze that dates back to the 19th century. Each has been mounted on solid marble so that they are stable and suitable to be placed on any surface. Intricate and decorative details can be seen, such as one cherub holding a small scythe, and a bag is slung over a shoulder.

You can find this bronze pair of cherubs here.

4. Pair of 19th century Imari vases

If you love to collect decorative and brightly coloured antiques then this pair of Japanese Imari vases are for you. These porcelain vases can be placed in any room to add that eye-catching focal point, such as above a fireplace, on a side table or in the dining room.

The oriental, decorative Imari design depicts intricate flowers, birds and dragons in orange and blue tones. Dating back to the 19th century, these Japanese porcelain vases measure 43cm high, 20cm wide and each has a sturdy base.

These 19th century Imari vases can be found here.

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Our Five Top picks for October

Buying antique furniture is a significant purchase. It’s an opportunity to invest in a statement piece that combines beauty with exquisite craftsmanship. Choosing the right antique is an important decision and it is worth taking your time: after all, these are more than just objects of beauty or functional furnishings.

Buying an antique is investing in a little history for your home. To help you make the right decision, let’s look at our top picks for October.

1. 19th century French Boulle Card Table

How many fortunes were made at this charming 19th Century Louis XVI style card table? Cast a glance across the busy room and you can see the players, throwing their cards down on the green baize surface and laughing as they reveal a winning hand. Forgive our whimsical flights of fancy, but a delightful card table such as this seems to invite you into a bygone age. Serpentine shaped with inlaid Boulle and ormolu finished brass decoration, it’s a perfect conversation piece for your next Bridge night.

Take a closer look here


2. Large Late Regency Centre Dining Table

Buying a dining table is a significant purchase. It will be the place where you entertain, bring the family together, celebrate and make memories. It should be a piece of furniture that you adore; an example of fine craftsmanship that you will want to keep in the family for generations to come. An outstanding example like this late Regency circular dining table in rich Mahogany possesses the clean lines and smooth tri-form base we associate with the period, giving it a look that is unmistakably antique, yet quite ageless. Measuring 190cm across, it possesses six ebonised leaves that clip together to expand the diameter to 236cm.

View here


3. Georgian Period Satinwood Penbroke Table

Small and beautifully functional, this 18th Century Pembroke table in light satinwood is a delightful example of the Georgian taste for occasional tables. With oval panels, ebony string inlaid legs and a neat bow-fronted drawer, this has a decorative appeal that belies its practical value. The original brass bucket castors remain, allowing you to move this gorgeous example of 18th Century craftsmanship freely. A functional and visually stunning antique with functional purpose, perfect in the Georgian home, perfect right now.

Take a look here


4. 14 Chippendale Style 19th Century Dining Chair by Morant & Co

Mordant & Co were one of the most successful cabinet makers of the 19th Century. Their work was exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition in London and was awarded Royal Appointment status to Queen Victoria. Clearly, this fine quality set of 14 mahogany dining chairs have the calibre of pedigree we seldom find in such an outstanding and complete set (comprising two armed chairs and twelve singles). Chippendale style with foliate carving and blind fretwork decoration make these dining chairs not only an outstanding investment for the serious antique connoisseur, but also an elegant statement piece to complete your dining room.

Take a closer look here

5. 18th Century Georgian Mahogany Serpentine Fronted Bachelors Chest

The glorious serpentine curve on this 18th Century mahogany chest of drawers is quintessentially Georgian in style. Its smooth lines require no extra adornment, making this the perfect antique to introduce into a modern home. Originally, the Bachelor’s Chest was intended to be a useful storage space for all the stylish wardrobe essentials required by the young bachelor. One can imagine the collar studs and hog bristle hairbrushes that would have found a home in these drawers. Have we really changed? The clothing, colognes and hairstyles have changed, but a modern gentleman still requires a stylish chest in which to keep his personal things. Of course, you may have an entirely different idea about how you would use this impressive antique, but we can be certain that wherever this chest is situated, it will be a wonderful addition to your home.

Learn more here

Our Five Top Picks for September

Many people do find that antiques are like old and treasured friends, in that their life feels a touch better when they are present in it. They add much to any room or corner, lifting the spirits each time they are appreciated, whether by their owners or those just visiting.

Here at Patrick Moorhead Antiques, we are passionate about first finding examples of unmatched craftsmanship, and then sharing the finest results of such labours with you.

September is the start of the season that draws you indoors more, a perfect time to add further style to your collection, your choices to become cherished by you and admired by others. From our landscape of choices, here are our five top picks for September…

1. An Outstanding 19th Century Meissen Porcelain Clock

When you are keen to add an elegant timepiece to your home, if you spot the Meissen signature logo of crossed swords, such as on this stunning timepiece, you will be looking at one of the oldest trademarks in existence. In fact, Meissen is about to celebrate its tercentenary next year. With such an enduring reputation, it’s little surprise that this 19th century mantel clock is a stunning example of their craft. Featuring children as representations of the seasons, clambering amongst flowers and C-scrolls; and with an eight-day striking movement, you can appreciate it more fully here 

2. Pair Fine Sevres Style 19th Century Ewers

For more than a quarter of a millennium, the manufacture nationale de Sèvres has been recognised as one of the finest of European porcelain producers. This classic example features a pair of ewers, with classical hand-painted romantic country scenes. They stand out perfectly from a cobalt blue background, finished with superb ormolu mounts. Admire how each element adds to the finished piece here 

3. 19th Century Louis XVI Style Mantel Clock

Your home may not be an actual palace, except in your eyes, but in a style admired by Louis XVI, the final French monarch to sit on the throne, this 19th century ormolu mantel clock adds a lightness of appearance to a regal depth of style. Its pink Sevres style porcelain panels offer visions of cherubs, musical instruments, and a mother and child. The style is accented with its turquoise jewelled borders; and this charming clock can be fully admired here 

4. Pair Large 19th Century Vienna Vases, 34.5″ (88cm)

This fine pair of large Vienna porcelain lidded vases could find their way from the late 19th century to your home. Each features the classic scene of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, and Helena, empress of the Roman Empire and mother of Constantine the Great, meeting at the temple. Check them out here

5. Walnut Grandmother Clock, Late 19th Century

Truly a statement piece for any home, this late 19th century Queen Anne style grandmother clock is crafted in burr walnut. This is considered by many to be the most attractive to use in the creation of truly fine pieces. It certainly brings a striking warmth and richness to any setting. This is added to by a stunning silvered arch dial clock face, and offers a swan neck pediment and three train striking movement (a style shared by Big Ben). To best consider where to place this magnificent timepiece in your home, examine it fully here 

Stunning Examples Of Our Expertly Curated Collections

Five great choices have been featured above, but so many more await if you have not yet found that special piece. Whether your passion is English, continental or oriental; or your favourite period is any time from the 18th through to the early 20th century, you can explore all possibilities here

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Our Five Top Picks for August

Antiques connect us with our past. Sometimes this is a heritage we share with our ancestors, and at other times it is vastly different.
We often collect antiques in order to learn about our own history, but it can also teach us a wealth of information about other cultures.


Here at Patrick Moorhead Antiques, one of the UK’s largest antique dealers, we come across a huge quantity of items, all of which have their own stories to tell.

This month we have selected five of these stories, from Italy, France and Austria, all of which happen to be in statue form. Hopefully, our top picks for August will captivate and inspire you as much as they have inspired us.

1. Bronze houndsman – Henri Honoré Plé

A dramatic piece for your collection, this 19th-century bronze statue is both beautiful and thought-provoking. Depicting a houndsman with his two hounds, the haunting features of the central figure demonstrates Henri Honoré Plé’s artistic maturity. The French sculptor, born in 1853, was a student of Gerault and Mathurin Moreau. He was a member of the Societe des Artistes Francais, and from 1877 until 1900 he actively exhibited and won several medals for his work.

Take a closer at this bronze statue here.

2. 19th-century bronze of Harmonie – Carrier Belleuse

This stunning antique bronze statue would be the talking point of nearly any collection. One of the most sought-after pieces from French sculptor Carrier Belleuse, this 19th-century statue features ‘Harmonie’ and her lyre resting upon a column. Belleuse (born Albert-Ernest Carrier de Belleuse, 12 June 1824 – 4 June 1887) was considered one of the finest sculptors of his time, and there is no better example of his genius than in this mythology-inspired statue. Inscribed Carrier Belleuse on the side of the column Harmonie is sitting on, she holds a lyre in one hand whilst seemingly getting ready to move.

Read more about Harmonie here.

3. E. Rosa carved 19th-century Italian marble statue of a nude

An excellent example of Italian marble sculpting, this 19th-century statue of a nude maiden would be an eye-catching addition to your home. Standing at over 100cm tall, this marble statue is no shrinking violet! Signed by E. Rosa, it depicts an intriguing young woman attempting to hide her face. Is she embarrassed, sorrowful or merely tired? The beauty of an antique is that you get to take it home and decide for yourself.

Discover this exquisite marble statue here.

4. Goldscheider terracotta boy

This impressive terracotta statue would be a conversation starter in any collection. This late-19th-century Goldscheider statue features a young black boy wearing his finest clothes and sitting on a bamboo chair. Made in Austria, this diverting piece is sure to be a talking point.

Take a closer look at this cheeky chap here.

5. Graux Marly large bronze statue of a classical female figure, 19th-century

A show-stopping number. This bronze statue depicts a beautiful female figure draped in cloth. This is a lovely example of the 19th-century interpretation of classical bronze sculptures and would serve as an excellent centrepiece to a more extensive collection or as a standalone work of art. Inscribed Graux Marly Jules and originating from Graux’s foundry, which was based at 8 rue du Parc-Royal from 1860 onwards.

The foundry was well known for producing bronze candelabra, clocks and statues and cast statues of some of the most renowned sculptors of the day, including Carrier Belleuse who also features in this list of our top pick (No. 2).

Learn more about this stunning 19th-century treasure here.