Our Five Top Picks for September

Many people do find that antiques are like old and treasured friends, in that their life feels a touch better when they are present in it. They add much to any room or corner, lifting the spirits each time they are appreciated, whether by their owners or those just visiting.

Here at Patrick Moorhead Antiques, we are passionate about first finding examples of unmatched craftsmanship, and then sharing the finest results of such labours with you.

September is the start of the season that draws you indoors more, a perfect time to add further style to your collection, your choices to become cherished by you and admired by others. From our landscape of choices, here are our five top picks for September…

1. An Outstanding 19th Century Meissen Porcelain Clock

When you are keen to add an elegant timepiece to your home, if you spot the Meissen signature logo of crossed swords, such as on this stunning timepiece, you will be looking at one of the oldest trademarks in existence. In fact, Meissen is about to celebrate its tercentenary next year. With such an enduring reputation, it’s little surprise that this 19th century mantel clock is a stunning example of their craft. Featuring children as representations of the seasons, clambering amongst flowers and C-scrolls; and with an eight-day striking movement, you can appreciate it more fully here 

2. Pair Fine Sevres Style 19th Century Ewers

For more than a quarter of a millennium, the manufacture nationale de Sèvres has been recognised as one of the finest of European porcelain producers. This classic example features a pair of ewers, with classical hand-painted romantic country scenes. They stand out perfectly from a cobalt blue background, finished with superb ormolu mounts. Admire how each element adds to the finished piece here 

3. 19th Century Louis XVI Style Mantel Clock

Your home may not be an actual palace, except in your eyes, but in a style admired by Louis XVI, the final French monarch to sit on the throne, this 19th century ormolu mantel clock adds a lightness of appearance to a regal depth of style. Its pink Sevres style porcelain panels offer visions of cherubs, musical instruments, and a mother and child. The style is accented with its turquoise jewelled borders; and this charming clock can be fully admired here 

4. Pair Large 19th Century Vienna Vases, 34.5″ (88cm)

This fine pair of large Vienna porcelain lidded vases could find their way from the late 19th century to your home. Each features the classic scene of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, and Helena, empress of the Roman Empire and mother of Constantine the Great, meeting at the temple. Check them out here

5. Walnut Grandmother Clock, Late 19th Century

Truly a statement piece for any home, this late 19th century Queen Anne style grandmother clock is crafted in burr walnut. This is considered by many to be the most attractive to use in the creation of truly fine pieces. It certainly brings a striking warmth and richness to any setting. This is added to by a stunning silvered arch dial clock face, and offers a swan neck pediment and three train striking movement (a style shared by Big Ben). To best consider where to place this magnificent timepiece in your home, examine it fully here 

Stunning Examples Of Our Expertly Curated Collections

Five great choices have been featured above, but so many more await if you have not yet found that special piece. Whether your passion is English, continental or oriental; or your favourite period is any time from the 18th through to the early 20th century, you can explore all possibilities here

 If you have any questions, our expert team here at Patrick Moorhead Antiques are always ready to help; simply call 01273 779696

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