Top Picks for December

The world of antiques has never been more exciting. Even though we are living in modern times that are surrounded by technology and the virtual world, we still crave those items from the past that help to decorate and add personality to our homes. Antiques can help to add a focal point to any room, be a decorative item that helps to transform your living space, or they can simply be that statement piece that you love and admire. If you love buying antiques and want to add decorative items with that wow factor to your home, then here we share with you our four top picks for this month.

1. 19th century French clock with cherubs

Every home needs a clock and this decorative gilded Ormolu clock will make a welcome addition to any living room. Place it on the mantelpiece as a decorative statement piece.

The French word ‘Ormolu’, means ground gold that is then finely applied to the bronze clock. This gives the clock its smooth and majestic appearance. Standing at 23cm in height, the clock is decorated with two playful cherubs who are sitting on the top. The large and clear clock face is in good condition with no blemishes or scratches. Beautiful beaded detailing surrounds the clock face and if you look closely, other details can be found, such as two ram heads.

This gilded ormolu clock can be found here.

2. 19th century yellow Cloissone lamp

The Cloissone lamp will help to make your living room, dining room, or even bedroom that restful and relaxing space with its yellow colouring and gentle curves.

This decorative yellow Cloissone lamp dates back to the 19th century. Cloisone is the term used for highly decorative artwork that consists of metals, such as gold and copper that have been soldered onto the surface of the lamp. Intricate detailing, such as Ormolu mounts, can also be seen on the lamp. Measuring 39cm high, this yellow lamp offers something a little different with its bold use of patterns that catches the eye.

You can find the Cloissone lamp here.

3. Pair of 19th-century bronze cherubs

There is something quite magical and captivating about cherubs. Usually we see them in a restful state or being mischievous, but this pair of cherubs offer something a little different to any collection because they have been hunting.

This pair of cherubs are made from good quality bronze that dates back to the 19th century. Each has been mounted on solid marble so that they are stable and suitable to be placed on any surface. Intricate and decorative details can be seen, such as one cherub holding a small scythe, and a bag is slung over a shoulder.

You can find this bronze pair of cherubs here.

4. Pair of 19th century Imari vases

If you love to collect decorative and brightly coloured antiques then this pair of Japanese Imari vases are for you. These porcelain vases can be placed in any room to add that eye-catching focal point, such as above a fireplace, on a side table or in the dining room.

The oriental, decorative Imari design depicts intricate flowers, birds and dragons in orange and blue tones. Dating back to the 19th century, these Japanese porcelain vases measure 43cm high, 20cm wide and each has a sturdy base.

These 19th century Imari vases can be found here.

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